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Mr. Sharbatov Igor.

The wine expert. A member of the Russian sommelier Association The president of St.Petersburg sommelier association. The chairman of competitions sommelier in St.-Petersburg. The head of wines school sommelier.

Diplome AAI - L'Academie d'Armes Internationale. France - Maitre d'armes.
In 1994 - embarked upon a career related to gastronomy and sommeliership.

1994 - Head of HoReCa.

1995 - Department Director.

1996 -Director Import.

2001 -Sommelier wine school director.

2003 - Development Director

2006 - President of Saint Petersburg Sommelier Association.

         Since 1995.

Seminars. Moderator and participants of seminars to have been held both in Russia and in Europe.

Probation. Experience of multiple period of professional probation in France.

Professional visits. A number of visits to the traditionally vinicultural countries of Europe as a member of Russian trade delegations.

Traveling for study of cookery and winemaking traditions. The relevant project has been worked on since 2001.

Sommelier. Ample background in organizing and coordinating presentations and degustations.

Expert. Long-term experience of cooperation with commercial missions from France, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Chile and other countries with regard to joint professional venues arrangements.

Workshops and training. Proficient teacher of subjects related to dainty cuisine and art of wine service.

HoReCa Inspector. Within the framework of the programme "Best Restaurants of Saint Petersburg" was involved in review of the quality standards offered by restaurants of Russia's Northern Capital.

TV interviews. Recurrently interviewed by Russian ad foreign TV journalists the habitual topics being as follows: culture of quality food consumption, gastronomy and sommeliership.

TV programmes Author of the "Gusto Academy" show broadcast by Channel "NBN - Rambler"/"Channel 22" (Saint Petersburg).

Radio interviews. Regularly interviewed on topics related to promotion of haute cuisine and classical wine service traditions in Russia.

Articles. Author of a series of articles on sommeliership and haute cuisine.

Exhibitions. Participant of many a trade show (organized both in Russia and abroad) such as "Prodexpo", "Vinexpo", "VinItaly", "Wievinum", "Prowein", "Vinisud", "Vinicome" and others.

Trophee Ruinart. In 1998 was invited by Monsieur Rolland de Colonne to assist at Trophee Ruinart du meilleur sommelier d'Europe.

Invitation by President of France. In 2001 was invited on behalf of President of the French Republic Monsieur Jacques Chirac to a social function held at the Embassy of the French Republic on the occasion of a national holiday of the French Republic.

Expertise of working with VIP clients at the supreme governmental level: at the Konstantinovsky Palace of Congresses (Strelna, Saint Petersburg).

Membership in professional associations. Member of the Russian and Saint Petersburg Sommelier Associations.

Juryman activities: «Trophee Ruinard» - Russian round, «Baltic States' Cup», «Russian Sommelier Contest»,«Wine Assembly», «Creative Sommelier», «Saint Petersburg Bartender Championship».

President of two sommelier contests held in Saint Petersburg: "Best Sommelier of Saint Petersburg" and "Baltic Cup".

Diplomas & Certificates: those awarded by French Wine Institute and authorities of the leading vinicultural regions of France such as Bordeaux, Loire, Rhone, Languedoc and others.

Medals/Orders: those awarded by "Francois Rabelais" International Club and town councils of Agda and Nesignan l'Eveque; Chevalier de Coster de Nimes etc.

Titles: Maitre d'Armes de A.A.I, Grand Maitre du Vin et Chevalier des Boissons.

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